Riveting, piercing, no holds barred. Loaded with energy, funk and laughter. Otis Wilson and Chet Coppock have turned out the most candid book ever written about the Chicago Bears.

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Follow O’s amazing journey through the wickedly tough section of Brownsville Brooklyn where his neighbors included basketball studs World B. Free, Bernard King and other playground legends along with future heavyweight boxing champions Mike Tyson and Riddick Bowe.

You’ll learn things about familiar Halas Hall names such as Ditka, Singeltary, Hamp, Buddy, Sack Man Dent, Wilber Marshall, Mongo McMichael, Walter and the Punky QB known as McMahon that have simply never been discussed.

Find out what Otis thinks about Green Bay, Jay Cutler and John Fox.

This book is beyond passionate, a page turner. Yes, you will recommend it to friends and maybe foes. Why? Because this book chews the marrow off the bone of football life.

Publish by: Triumph Books