Chet Coppock Photos

2015 National Sports Collectors Convention
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  1. Paul

    Chet: I am such a big fan of yours! You are, without a doubt, a sports legend in Chicagoland! Your sense of humor is flawless and you have a charisma which is virtually unmatched by anyone, Chet! WOW! You’re GREAT!

  2. Paul

    I love looking at all of your pictures, Chet! They’re really great! You are just great! period, Chet! Like I stated in my e-mail earlier this afternoon, nobody has ever made me laugh so hard like you have, Chet! I can remember being sprawled out on the floor in uncontrollable laughter for five straight minutes one time because you were just so hilarious! I love your perspective on sports, Chet! It has become invaluable to Chicago! You are a star shining legend in sports, Chet! I mean, you are too GREAT!

  3. Dear Chet – Bill Hazen of College Sports Weekly in Chicago (syndicated on 40-plus stations nationally) would like to get with you about a recorded interview – Bill’s contacts are 773-724-1351 or – Thanks so much, Bo Carter (assistant producer CSW and SUSAR)

  4. It is just so simply sensational how you have saturated Chicago with your astounding knowledge of sports, Chet! I cannot fathom how indispensable you have been to the world of Chicago sports! The Cubs, the White Sox, the Bears, the Bulls, the Hawks, the Sting, the Wolves, and all of the other professional sports, not to mention, college sports, all of which would not be complete without your brilliant input. Chet! You are smart, athletic, good looking, and incredibly funny! You are as much of a legend as any stellar athlete in Chicago has ever been! I am so anxious to read your newest book! You are the best, Chet! You are so totally GREAT!

  5. It is always great to leave messages on your website, Chet! I am extremely impressed with you, and, it is utterly amazing how entertaining you are! You have it all., looks, brains, talent and charisma! You’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to Chicago sports’ broadcasting! I mean! WOW!

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